We'll help you assess, analyze, design, and document your IT resources.

Gap Analysis

Network efficiency. Best practices. Personnel skillsets. Configuration audits.

A Gap Analysis is an evaluation of your IT assets—either your entire environment or resources you specify. During the assessment, our expert engineering team identifies risks and opportunities that affect your organization. We’ll provide you with documentation you can use to justify your budget, re-allocate resources, implement new controls, and satisfy regulatory auditors.

Cybersecurity Audit

Risk Assessment and Management. Data Governance and Classification. Access Control. Monitoring and Alerting. Audit Trail.

Our expert security team will help you identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations based on best practices and industry-standard frameworks, such as NIST and ISO 27001. We’ll help you protect business-critical data and sensitive user files.

Regulatory Compliance


We work with numerous clients in the financial, healthcare, and legal-services industries. We know the importance of protecting sensitive data, and we work with clients to ensure their IT infrastructures meet and exceed regulatory requirements.


Written Information Security Program (WISP). IT Policies and Procedures. Incident Response and Recovery Plan. As-built Infrastructure.

Our in-house technical-writing team will work with your IT, executive, and legal teams to develop practical, customized documentation that meets your regulatory and contractual requirements.


Powerful, efficient, enterprise infrastructure. Scalable implementation. Knowledge transfer.

Your datacenter is the heart of your IT network. It represents a substantial investment. A properly designed, well-maintained datacenter lasts longer, delivers greater returns, and enables higher productivity than an improperly designed, poorly maintained datacenter.

Disaster Recovery

Colocation. Replication. Amazon Web Services.

We have extensive experience with disaster-recovery planning for enterprise environments. Our engineers are experts at managing server infrastructures, both physical and virtual, and we have an in-depth knowledge of all industry-leading replication platforms, including VMware Site Recovery Manager, Double-Take, and Veeam.

Strategic Roadmap

Articulated goals. Timeline. Cost-efficiency.

Your organization’s IT resources play a large part in determining how you adapt to changes in the marketplace, serve stakeholders, and take advantage of emerging opportunities. A sophisticated and well-designed IT network can dramatically enhance your organization’s versatility, stability, and cost-effectiveness.

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